Mooc - Digital Networks Essentials

Mooc - Digital Networks Essentials

Titre : Digital Networks Essentials

Auteurs : Pierre ROLIN, Laurent TOUTAIN, Olivier PAUL...

Résumé : Every business today depends on connectivity, and now there is increasing demand for engineers who can design, develop and manage data networks – and keep them secure as well. This applied computer science MOOC will give you the hands-on know-how to master the network technologies used every day to communicate and access information via the web and phones. You’ll learn the vocabulary, concepts and mechanisms common to all digital networks, and explore the TCP, UDP and IP protocols that support all online communications. You’ll also see how a global network is organized and how its components work together, and understand the importance of standards and protocols. This course is designed for students or professionals with a background in science or computing. Practical coursework is carried out in a Unix virtual environment that can be installed on any modern computer. Sign up now and sharpen up your network knowledge!

Contact interne à l’école : Laurent TOUTAIN

Date de la session précédente : 12/01/2017

Débute le : 12/01/2017

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