MSc in SAfe and REliable Nuclear Applications (SARENA) - Track A: RWMD

Track A: Radioactive Waste Management & Decommissioning

This study track aims to help students develop fundamental scientific, technical and industrial knowledge of the nuclear fuel cycle with a special regard to the diversity of wastes generated, questions of non-proliferation, long-term safety assessment and environmental impact. Furthermore, it is designed to provide strong insights on dismantlement and decommissioning of nuclear installations, as well as on human and organizational factors of safety.

This study track has notably received the prestigious I2EN accreditation for its French Master Degree. The I2EN, which stands for International Institute of Nuclear Energy, is the leading French institution in coordinating nuclear skills and collaborating with international partners worldwide. Only a few master degrees have so far been awarded this seal of quality, which is awarded by the High Commissioner for Atomic Energy and the I2EN President based on the recommendations of the I2EN Committee of Experts.

Upon successful completion of the programme, a student is expected to be awarded a dual-degree from IMT Atlantique and Politécnica Universidad de Madrid.