SNEAM / NEPIA Sustainable Nuclear Energy Production and Industrial Applications

SNEAM / NEPIA Nuclear Energy Production & Industrial Applications specializes in nuclear sciences applications including energy production (power reactors) and industrial applications (particles beams technology, instrumentation,.....). A particular focus is put on the safety and radioprotection, to be considered in the management of a large project in this field.


NEPIA Objectives


  • Acquire basic knowledge necessary for understanding nuclear energy production (power reactors) and industrial applications, e.g. accelerators, cyclotrons...
  • Develop competences in reactor operation, maintenance and safety issues including radioprotection.
  • Develop competences in particles beams production and qualification.
  • Develop competences in nuclear radiations applications: instrumentation, non destructive control, security...
  • Develop an awareness of societal considerations related to nuclear energy production.
  • Take into account societal issues related to nuclear energy production.

Course structure

The Master of Science SNEAM-NEPIA starts in September and is divided into 4 semesters:

  • MSc year 1 : 2 academic semester in Nantes campus
  • MSc year 2 : 1 academic semester for specialization in Nantes campus + 6 months Master Thesis in industry or research laboratory.

Program structure

Please check our MSc catalog which includes detailed syllabus.