SNEAM / NUTMA - Nuclear Technologies for Medical Applications

SNEAM / NUTMA. NUclear Technologies for Medical Applications. This speciality develops fundamental scientific, technical and industrial knowledge of the different nuclear technologies used in the medical field. It has a particular focus on the safety and radioprotection, to be considered in the management of a large project in this field.

NUTMA Objectives

Acquire the basic scientific knowledge relative to nuclear technologies, necessary for understanding their utility and danger in medical applications.
Develop competences in beams production and qualification.
Master the operational techniques and strategies for the management of a project in nuclear medicine. Implement appropriate solutions through projects in/with industry.
Develop competences in radioprotection and nuclear waste management in the medical environment.
Build contacts with a large number of international key players in the field.
Develop an awareness of societal considerations related to nuclear medicine.

Course structure

The Master of Science SNEAM-NUTMA starts in September and is divided into 4 semesters:

  • MSc year 1 :  2 academic semesters in Nantes campus
  • MSc year 2 : 1 academic semester for specialization taught in French in Nantes campus + 6 months Master Thesis in industry or research laboratory.

Program structure

Please check our MSc catalog which includes detailed syllabus.