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International MSc 

MSc in Management of Production, Logistics and Procurement (MPLP)
track in :

MSc in Nuclear Engineering (NE)
tracks in :

MSc in Process and Bioprocess Engineering (PBPE)
track in :

MSc in Information Technologies (IT)
tracks in :
100% taught in English

Semester 1: bridging semester taught in English - You will also attend French classes to acquire sufficient skills to be able to follow lectures given in French during the following semesters.
Semesters 2, 3 and 4: taught in French

EUROPEAN Joint master degrees

European Joint Master Degree
in :
#Management&EngineeringofEnvironment&Energy (ME3+) Erasmus Mundus program
#Safe&ReliableNuclearApplications (SARENA) Erasmus Mundus program

Doctoral Program