Administrative procedures and travel information


Student visa application process

Non-European students need to apply for a student visa



Before leaving your country
Please register at Campusfrance in your country several months before leaving your country in order to apply for student visa. For those who have no Campusfrance office in their country, please contact directly the French Embassy or Consulate. 
We provide admission letters to the students admitted into our programs, this document is necessary to apply for student visa. Make sure that you also have an accommodation certificate, required for visa application.

During your studies in France

  • On arrival

You have to provide the OFII form you got from the French Embassy, a copy of visa and stamp of entry in the Schengen area in order to make your visa valid for one year. You will also have an appointment for a medical visit. Our international service helps students for this administrative process.

  • At the end of the first year

You will have to send additional documents to the “Prefecture” of the city you live. You will then get appointment to change your one-year visa into a residence permit valid one year.
To extend visa after finishing studies at IMT Atlantique
After your studies at IMT Atlantique, you can apply for a temporary residence permit, called “APS” (in French: “Autorisation Provisoire de Séjour”). This permit allows you to stay 12 extra months in France in order to find a job.  You have to apply for APS at least 4 months before the residence permit expires, at the “Prefecture” of the city you live.
Once employment has been found, the permit becomes a full-time work permit, as long as the type of employment and the salary correspond to your degree level.


Health insurance

Health insurance is obligatory for all students in France

health insurance.jpg


Please, be aware that medical expenses can be very expensive abroad, so you need to ensure that you have a correct medical cover during the whole length of your stay in France. You might need to contract a private health insurance in your country before coming to France or to register at the French Health insurance upon arrival.
Please check the guide for students “Sudent’s handbook” to get all details about the Health insurance system in France, and the different subscription options you have.


Travel information

Book your plane and/or train ticket to France



Coming to France by plane

If you come from outside Europe, you will probably have to transit through Paris airports.
There are 2 main airports in Paris: Paris-Orly (South of Paris) and Paris-Charles de Gaulle (North-East part of Paris). You can arrive either to one or the other and then take a domestic flight to the city nearby the campus you are registered in. 

Reaching your campus by train 

  • From Paris CD Airport

There is a train station just under Paris CDG airport. After landing at CDG airport, you can complete your journey to your campus by train. From CDG airport, you just have to follow the direction “TGV” (high speed train). There are many high-speed trains (TGV) each day from Paris to Brest, Nantes and Rennes. 

  • From Orly Airport 

If you have landed at Orly airport and need to take the train to your campus, it is more convenient to go to the train station located in the city center of Paris, called “Montparnasse”.

  • From Paris city center

If you plan to spend a few days in Paris before going to IMT Atlantique campuses, you can take the train from Paris Montparnasse train station, it is located in the heart of Paris. You can access this train station from anywhere in the city by metro/subway.

Check the train schedule on the SNCF website.