Study programs

The Masters of Science in Engineering program mainly taught in French is the core curriculum at IMT Atlantique. However your are more than welcome to come and study into one of our International Masters of Science programs taught in English !

We also offer Doctorate's programs,  Post Master's programs and French Summer Schools !


International MSc (taught in English)         

Process and Bioprocess Engineering                

Management of Production, Logistics and Procurement

Information Technologies (IT)


Nuclear Engineering



        MSc in Engineering (taught in French)

                different specializations on Brest campus and on Nantes campus

        • Engineering and system integration
        • Software systems and networks
        • Services and business engineering
        • Information processing systems
        • Control Engineering and Industrial Information Technology -AII
        • Environmental and Energy Engineering - SEE
        • Computer Science For Decision Support - GIPAD
        • Operations Management in Production and Logistics - GOPL
        • Information and Communications Systems Engineering - GSI
        • Organization and management of information technology - OMTI
        • Reactor Plant Design and Operation - STAR
        • Risk and Performance Management - MPR


        Post-Master Certificates (taught in French)   

        • Communicating Computer Systems Engineering
        • Computer Science Applied to Banking and Actuarial Decision Making
        • Renewable Marine Energy Sources
        • Web technologies: Systems, Services and Security
        • European Business Engineer
        • Mobile Networks and Services
        • Information System Security
        • Space communications systems


        Co-accredited Masters (taught in French)




        French Summer Schools - ActiFLE Center



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