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2, rue de la Châtaigneraie CS 17608
35576 Cesson Sévigné Cedex, France

    Géraldine Texier is  a professor (HDR) at the Network Systems, Cyber Security and Digital Law (SRCD) department at IMT Atlantique (former Telecom Bretagne) and a member of the Adopnet research team from IRISA. She is working in the Advanced Connectivity lab of the b<>com Institute of Research and Technology (IRT).
    In 2016-2017, she was a visiting researcher at INRIA@Silicon Valley, CITRIS, University of California, Campus of Berkeley where she worked on routing for IoT in Smart Cities.

    She is involved in several courses on networking and in three MOOCs: « Principes des réseaux de Données » and « Routage et Qualité de Service » on FUN, « Digital Networks Essentials » on EDX.

    Current Research Topics

    • Network programmability (Software Defined Networking - SDN)
    • Network virtualization (Network Function Virtualization - NFV)
    • Routing and Quality of Service (QoS)
    • Inter-domain routing
    • IoT

    Her current research activities are focused on network virtualization, routing and QoS in communication networks. She works both in finding paths with QoS guarantees in inter-domain context, Software Defined Networks (SDN) and network virtualization, and in the Internet of Things (IoT).  

    Former Research Topics

    • Internet Measurements
    • Routing and rerouting in Network on Chip (NoC) software layers
    • Cooperative environments - Distributed Systems 


    She defended her Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR) "Vers un Internet programmable o rant des garanties de qualité de service." on the 3rd of December 2019 at University of Rennes 1. 


    Former Research Projects

    • World wide project:

      • STIC AmSud MAITRE: Monitoring, Analysis and TRaffic Engineering in heterogeneous networks, with LAAS/CNRS, UdelaR (Uruguay) et UBA (Argentine) 
      • Orchid ARAMI6, Roaming in IPv6 between two IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) core networks and innovative services.

      • STAR Project MoMo with Seoul National University (South Korea). Keywords: Quality of Service Measurement in Sensor Networks using IPv6.

      • STAR project MikiFresco with Seoul National University (South Korea). Keywords: Measurement,  Quality of Service, IPv6.
      • LAFMI project LAFMI with ITAM (Mexique). Keywords: Measurement,  Quality of Service, IPv6.
    • European projects:
      • Networks of Excellence:
        • EuroNF, EuroFGI and EuroNGI on Design and Engineering of the Next Generation Internet, towards convergent multi-service networks.
        • IPAM (EuroNGI Project), Integration of Passive and Active Measurement Platforms.

      • Large Scale Integrating Project (FP7, ICT)
        • RITE: Reducing Internet Transport Latency, Keywords: Quality of Service, Internet-wide networks, Latency, Active Queue Management (AQM), MPTCP.

        • ETICS: Economics and Technologies for Inter-Carrier Services. Keywords: Quality of Service, Internet-wide networks, Net Neutrality, business models, QoS architecture
    • National  projects:
      • ANR (French Government funded projects):
        • AFANA Application-Field-Aware Adaptive Network on chip Architecture. Keywords: networks on Chip (NoC), Routing, Traffic engineering. Partners: Thomson R&D France, Institut TELECOM/TELECOM Bretagne, Lab-STICC/UBS, TurboConcept.
        • VTHD and VTHD++ on High Speed Networks. Keywords: Broadband networks, Quality of service, DiffServ. Partners: France Telecom, Groupe des Ecoles de Télécommunications (GET), IMAG, INRIA
        • Metropolis on Traffic Measurement. Keywords: Measurements, Quality of Service. Partners: LIP6, LAAS, France Telecom R& D, GET, INRIA, EURECOM, RENATER.
      • FUI Projects
        •  La cité d’images. Keywords : Sensor networks,  Augmented Reality, UHDTV, 360deg, Economics, LoRa, Quality of Service.
        • NextTV4all on IPTV in Networks of the Future. Keywords: IPTV, IMS, fix-mobile convergence, services. Partners: Thomson GrassValley, Alcatel-Lucent, Devoteam, DIXID, France Telecom, Telecom Bretagne, IRISA/Rennes 1 University, JCP Consult, Le Telegramme, Renesas Design France.
      • Image and Network Cluster Projects
        • VoD@IMS. Keywords: IMS, Quality of service, Inter-domain routing. Partners: Alcatel-Lucent, Orange Labs, ENST Bretagne, Technicolor, Devoteam, JCP C.
      • Financed by the Institut Telecom
        • Saturne, Active Measurement project. Keywords: Quality of Service, Network Measurements, Active Measurements. Partners: ENST Bretagne, INT, ENST, Eurecom.
        • Saturne2, Active Measurement project. Keywords: Quality of Service, Network Measurements, Active Measurements. Partners: ENST Bretagne, INT, ENST, Eurecom, France Telecom R & D, QoSmetrix.
        • Agave project on GMPLS Architecture: Analysis, Validation, Experimentation. Keywords: GMPLS, Traffic Engineering. Partners: ENST Bretagne, ENST, INT.
        • RPUCE project on Networks on Chip. Keywords: networks on Chip (NoC), Routing, Traffic engineering. Partners: ENST Bretagne, INT, UBS


    • Masoud TAGHAVIAN (September 2020 - *), "Network Function Virtualization in the 5G Edge".
    • Cedric MORIN (December 2016 - November 2019), "Algorithms for implementing network services with a guaranteed quality of service in an SDN-NFV environment". Keywords: Routing, SDN, NFV, VNF placement, optimization. Defense scheduled in November 2020.
    • Rabah GUEDREZ (November 2014 - November 2018), "Algorithmes de connectivité programmable dans un réseau à routage par segment ". Keywords: Segment Routing, traffic engineering. Defended on the 12th of December 2018.  
    • Pascal THUBERT (Janvier 2015 - March 2017), "Scheduling Algorithms for flows with heterogeneous constraints in industrial networks". Keywords: routing, sensor networks, 6TiSCH, deterministic networks, real-time, optimization. Defended on the 16th of March 2017.
    • Romain JACQUET (October 2011 - July 2015 ), "Cooperation in networks and end-to-end quality of service guarantees for the Internet". Keywords: routing, QoS, inter-domain, optimization, PCE. Defended on the 8th of July 2015.
    • Gilles BERTRAND ( November 2005- December 2008), "Mécanismes de routage inter-domaine multi-critère. Vers des services inter-opérateurs à performances garanties". Keywords: routing, QoS, IMS, IPTV, PCE, optimization. Defended on the 8th of December 2009.
    • Samer LAHOUD  (October 2003- April 2006), "Routage et allocation de flots avec tolérance aux pannes dans les réseaux Internet nouvelle génération". Keywords: routing, fault tolerance, optimization. Defended on the 14th of April 2006.



     Thematiques de recherches


    Teaching activities at IMT Atlantique

    • Computer networks essentials
    • Routing protocols
    • SDN and NFV
    • QoS and Traffic Engineering