Jean-Marie BONNIN


Enseignant Chercheur



Contact information:


+33 2 99 12 70 07

    After a PhD degree in computer science at the university of Strasbourg in 1998, I came to ENST Bretagne for a research position. I am currently professor (HDR) at IMT Atlantique and the leader of the Inria/EASE research team. 
    Since 2001, I have been mainly interested in the convergence between IP networks and mobile telephony networks, and therefore in heterogeneous handover management. More recently, I have been involved in projects dealing with the mobility of the networks and its application to ITS (Intelligent Transportation System). 
    Currently, I am interested in how to provide pervasive applications with a good perception of their environment through localized interactions. More specifically I am interested in cooperative autonomous vehicles. 

    I am cofounder and scientific advisor of the YoGoKo startup which provides communication solutions for cooperative ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) including autonomous vehicles. 

    I lead the program committee of the InOut event ( since the first edition in 2018. The InOut initiative aim at thinking the future of the Mobility with users and stakeholders.