Open Access

Open Access

As part of its social responsibility missions, ITM Atlantic works in favor of Open Access to promote the advancement of research, collaboration and innovation.

In addition to being a conviction of the School, this action is part of the second national plan for open science 2021-2024: "Generalize open science in France". In 2018, the school strengthened its commitment by signing the Jussieu Appeal.


To implement the principle of Open Access, ITM Atlantic is carrying out two types of actions:

1 - A reorientation of expenses towards associations, consortia or publishers that promote open access and work on the transition from traditional editorial models to alternative open models

  • For many years, ITM Atlantique has been a member of the Couperin consortium, which negotiates electronic resources and supports open science.
  • In 2018, ITM Atlantic is not renewing the Springer subscription and is concretizing its support for open access in favor of OpenEdition Freemium for Journals, a publisher that conducts actions in favor of open access and open science.

2 - Internal actions, on the ground, to encourage researchers to make their publications open access by explaining the issues at stake.

As soon as it was created in 2017, the management of IMT Atlantique decided to create its Hal portal within the perimeter of the new school in order to archive all of its scientific production and to disseminate it in open access when possible.
The objective of this operation is to move towards an exhaustiveness of IMT Atlantique's publications in the Hal portal, thus making the researchers' work visible, enhancing the school's scientific heritage and opening it up to the scientific community.