Principal Optical Networks Engineer

"Academically, the program was for sure challenging, but with the great help from professors, I was always supported and had someone to provide great teaching and knowledge."

"My name is Pablo Noriega, I'm a graduate from Former Telecom Bretagne now known as IMT Atlantique, at the Brest campus. I wanted to talk to you about, my experience during those 2 years, how I got to it and what I got from it!

Let's start with how I got to it, I had already received an engineering diploma in my country of origin (Venezuela) and had a stable job for a multinational company, for which I had been working for about 5 years; despite having still a lot of growth potential within that company, I felt I could do more if I opened my horizons a little bit further than inside the borders of my own country, so I decided to find an opportunity to study abroad and that's how I found the MSc program at IMT Atlantique.

Once decided, all I had to do was trigger the process, for which the IMT staff were incredibly helpful in providing an easy process for application and updates on how things were progressing, My application went through and I was admitted to start by fall 2011, so I started getting my visa sorted and all and bought my tickets for August (I needed to take a month of french lessons at the university, which were also SUPER IMPORTANT!). Life on campus was great! the staff from la Maisel were very kind and supportive, we lived in a flat each (I moved there with my girlfriend at the time) and couldn't have asked for a better accommodation, the building was brand new and had good amenities within campus (sport areas, close to super market and bus stations), I have great memories from Brest!

Academically, the program was for sure challenging, but with the great help from professors, I was always supported and had someone to provide great teaching and knowledge.
Once graduated, I started working again for a consultant company in Paris, till I got recruited by Amazon in Dublin, where I got to work on the field I had already worked before (Optical Network Engineering), but definitely with a broader knowledge and approach, after 4 years at Amazon, I moved to Google for 2 more years and finally now I serve as a Principal Optical Networks Engineer at Oracle, I can't say enough about the trajectory I've had over since 2011, but one thing is for certain, taking on the program "Communication System and Network Engineering" is definitely a good move professionally and doing so at IMT is as as well!"

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