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Focus on… the photography club

Bruno Quercia and Benoît Porteboeuf relaunched the photo club this year…. Within months, the club became one of the most popular on-campus. With the motto “everyone can do it”, the club has attracted many students to join its hands-on workshops, in situ training sessions – and its passport photo service has been a huge success!
Voyage à Prague organisé par le Bureau des arts. (Crédits : club photo de Télécom Bretagne)

Trip to Prague organized by the Arts club. (Credits: Photo Club Telecom Bretagne)

The two photography club organizers are very dynamic! They have breathed new life into the club. For Benedict Porteboeuf “We could not just take photos of fun evenings, we wanted to expand our scope … so we started a passport photo service, and spring training sessions in workshops combining theory and technique. The next logical step was to do some outdoor shooting! (There are several fab sites close to campus.)We started with the Minou lighthouse and then went on to the Bertheaume fort, the Pointe St Mathieu and Le Conquet. A real hit with students and certainly something to do again next spring! “.

The workshops which go from beginners to advanced, covered, “Exposure time, aperture, sensitivity”, “Composition”, “Mastering light”, “Photo Editing” … and other themes are possible according to what the participants would like to do
There’s also a weekly article “Focus on …” in the student newspaper (Coup de Venst (VCT,). The aim is to share ideas of creativity and technical guidance to help students develop their own photographic style.
Trips to Dinan and Prague gave club members the opportunity to practice composition and test the functionalities of the cameras. The club provides a reflex case (Canon 70D), two lenses (18-55mm and 50mm), two studio flash and a photo printer that also produces low cost identity photos which meet the standards for official identity documents.

Event at Telecom Bretagne - as seen by the School photography club

Event at Telecom Bretagne – as seen by the School photography club

The photo club covers major events on the Brest campus such as Global Village (with pictures of students in traditional Moroccan costume and many others), the graduation ceremony, and the Gala evening. It also works with other clubs in the school. They joined forces with the Junior enterprise club – Ger. Club officials are anxious to expand the team! Next meeting of the photo club Saturday, September 19 in the photo club room or in CDV!

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