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    Aimee Johansen completed her Ph.D. in Linguistics at the University of Illinois in 2009, shortly after which she joined the faculty of IMT Atlantique (then Télécom Bretagne) as an associate professor. She has been in charge of the English section for the Brest campus since 2013 and added the Rennes campus to her responsibilities in 2020. Over the years, in addition to her English teaching responsibilities, she has been on the steering committes for student engineering and sustainable development projects, has served as an elected faculty representative, contributes to the English version of the web site and publications in English at IMT Atlantique, and has been part of the organizing and scientific committees of the GLAT conference, organized biennially by the language department.

    Since completing her Ph.D. thesis on the clause structure of the Shimaore dialect of Comorian, spoken in Mayotte, Aimee's research has gone in a very different direction. In recent years, she has mainly been developing and testing the effectiveness of classroom techniques for helping learners better understand unfamiliar accents in English, inspired by similar studies in lab settings. She is also co-chair of the "Interaction and Embodiment" research axis of the IMT Didalang research laboratory.

    Aimee is currently finalizing a book for 9- to 12-year-old French-English bilingual children called "Les espions bilingues". Here is a teaser:


    A group of bilingual 6th graders begin studying at a prestigious French school, but soon realize that their scholarships are not for their musical or athletic talent, but rather for their potential as spies. Will the spy skills they learn be enough for them to thwart the kidnapping of French teen singing sensation, Capucine?


    Les espions bilingues FRONT COVER