Mooc - 4G Network Fundamentals

Mooc - 4G Network Fundamentals

Titre : 4G Network Fundamentals

Auteurs : Xavier LAGRANGE

Résumé :

4G is the cutting-edge network technology that links millions of smartphones to the internet. But how does it actually work? Ideal for network engineers, sales engineers, application developers, and many other telecoms pros, this course will help you to understand the technology behind the apps and devices we use every day. You’ll get a solid overview of LTE/EPC (Long Term Evolution / Evolved Packet Core) 4G networks, how they work, how the network architecture is designed, and which protocols are used. First, you’ll gain exposure to the global architecture of the network, how the radio interface works, and how security is guaranteed. Then you’ll dive into the operational side. What is a bearer? How is it quickly configured and released? How does 4G handle millions of terminals that are on the move all the time? A certificate of completion is awarded by Coursera to learners who achieve a grade above 50%. This course has received financial support from the Patrick & Lina Drahi Foundation.

Contact interne à l’école : Xavier LAGRANGE

Date de la session précédente : 10/01/2023

Débute le : 21/03/2023

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