Campus life at IMT Atlantique

The campuses are interconnected and offer comfortable and invigorating conditions for students and staff alike, who find the quality of life at IMT Atlantique conducive to both work and relaxation.
The cultural and associative richness of the Brittany and Pays de la Loire regions also offers many opportunities to get involved, to train... and to discover new horizons!

Life on the IMT Atlantique campuses


There is a range of quality housing options available to you on the IMT Atlantique campuses

Catering services

 The Brest and Nantes campuses offer  restaurants which serve different types of dishes, including vegetarian food.  You can adapt your menu to your preferences.


At these catering facilities, a student meal costs:

  • 3.30 euros (Nantes campus) 
  • 3.65 euros (Brest campus).

Clubs and Societies

Integration, sports and cultural events... the daily life of IMT Atlantique students sees academic courses complemented and enhanced by the many extracurricular activities on our Campuses!

Libraries and Resource Centres

At the IMT Atlantique campuses you will find libraries and resource centres. These spaces are suitable for both individual and group work