30 doctoral specialities

Since 2008 IMT Atlantique has been authorized to award doctoral degrees in the 30 specialties covered by the accreditation

  • MathSTIC : Mathematics and Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies

MathSTICSpecialties in the AST domain : Automation, Production and Robotics / Signal, Image, Vision / Telecommunications

Specialties in the EGE domain : Electronics / Electrical Engineering

Specialties in the INFO domain : Computer Science

Specialties in the MI domain : Mathematics and its Interactions


  • SPI : Engineering Sciences

ED SPISpecialties: Energetics - Heat - Combustion, Process and Bioprocess Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics of Fluid Media.


  • 3M : Matter, Molecules, Materials

ED 3MSpecialties: Molecular and Macromolecular Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Radiochemistry, Chemistry: Processes and Environment, Materials Sciences, Photonics, Waves and Materials, Physics: Atoms, Molecules and Plasmas, Theoretical Physics, Subatomic Physics and Nuclear Instrumentalization, Physics: Environment and Biology, Physics


  • SML : Marine and Coastal Sciences

ED SMLSpecialties: Underwater Acoustics and Signal Processing, Physical Oceanography and Environment, Environmental Observation and Information Processing.


  • EDGE : Economic Sciences and Management Sciences

ED EDGESpecialties: Management Sciences, Economic Sciences