Student Budget

This page contains information to help you put together your budget! All the information and official procedures will be sent to you as soon as you are admitted to IMT Atlantique.

Student Life and Campus Contribution (CVEC)

The amount of this contribution is approximatively €100. You will be required to provide a personal certificate of payment of the CVEC when you go through the administrative registration process. More details on this contribution can be found here.

Please note: Students who are on gap year must pay the CVEC regardless of the form and duration of the CVEC. More information can be found at this address, in the "Registration fees" section.

Tuition fees

For the 2023-2024 academic year, tuition fees for new students entering our FISE University of Engineering will be:

  • € 2,900 for European students,
  • € 4,550 for non-European students (except through specific agreements or conventions).

For FISE 2nd year :

  • 2650 € for European students,
  • 4150 € for non-European students (except through specific agreements or conventions).

Needs-based grants

IMT Atlantique uses the CROUS criteria in determining needs-base scholarships.

Instructions determined each year by the Institut Mines-Télécom define the rules and procedures for needs-based grants for IMT students for the academic year. It can be consulted on the intranet.
CROUS scholarship students are exempt from paying tuition fees and the CVEC (Contribution de vie étudiante et de campus).
The amount of the scholarship depends on family income and the situation of the "tax household" (foyer fiscal).

Who can receive these needs-based scholarships?

  • Students of French nationality,
  • Foreign students who are nationals of one of the Member States of the European Union, of another State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area, or of the Swiss Confederation, or children, spouses or partners of a national of one of the Member States of the European Union or who have long-term resident status in a State of the European Union or whose father, mother or legal guardian has such status (conditions apply)

At the beginning of the academic year, CROUS scholarship students must present their conditional notification of a scholarship at the time of administrative registration.

Other expenses


Allow between €3 and €4 for a meal if you eat at campus restaurants. This corresponds to about €220 per month.
Add to this the cost of any breakfast in the cafeteria; on average €2.


The 3 main campuses offer accommodation possibilities in the Maison des élèves residence halls. Prices vary between €287 and €612, depending on the type of room/studio.
A deposit of €300, returned within the legal deadline of 2 months maximum, and a handling fee of €80 are required.
Housing aid may be granted by the CAF.

Membership in the Students' Association

Membership fees for student associations, which include all student activities and events organised throughout the academic year, are:

  • €222 for students in general engineering training (FISE),
  • €111 for students in engineering training by apprenticeship (FIP, FIL)