Master of Science in Engineering "Diplôme d'Ingénieur"

Robotics and interactions

Course director

Vincent Lebastard

The main objective of the Robotics and Interactions major is to train engineers who will develop the robots of tomorrow. Whether in everyday life or in industry, robots are on the way to becoming firmly and massively established in our daily lives. Robots are now becoming more interactive with their environment and will one day be able to become autonomous and/or collaborate simply, on a daily basis, with humans.

Robotics and interactions

Disciplines at the heart of the theme

The Robotics and Interactions theme is structured around the themes of robotics, control, embedded systems, computing and tools such as mathematics, physics and digital methods.

Opportunities and possible careers

  • R&D engineer: production or service robotics,
  • Design and modeling engineer: complex and specific robotic systems (special machines),
  • Project manager, engineer and designer of modular and versatile robotic systems,
  • Control and command engineer: robotic systems,
  • Software design engineer: for human / machine interface software.

Target companies

  • aeronautics, aerospace sector,
  • energy sector,
  • industrial robotics sector,
  • defence sector,
  • medical sector.

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