IMT Atlantique and Rennes School of Business sign a double degree agreement

Rennes School of Business and IMT Atlantique have decided to offer their students the opportunity to study in either institution in order to obtain a dual degree. A partnership was signed on 17 November between the two parties.


Anne Beauval, directrice déléguée d'IMT Atlantique et Thomas Froehlicher, directeur général de Rennes School of Business
Anne Beauval, Vice president of IMT Atlantique and
Thomas Froehlicher, president of Rennes School of Business

This agreement was created for two main reasons: first, the dual competence of engineering and management is increasingly sought after by companies; and second, students are looking for this dual competence, which is a real asset as they begin their professional lives.  

Thanks to this new agreement, IMT Atlantique engineering students will be able to follow an additional year of studies at Rennes SB in order to obtain the Rennes SB Master in Management degree as well as the Master of Science degree, in addition to the general (Masters-level) engineering degree from IMT Atlantique. 

Rennes SB students will thus be able to obtain the IMT Atlantique generalist engineering degree along with their Rennes SB Master in Management degree. 

Engineering students will also be able to earn the IMT Atlantique general engineering degree, the Rennes SB Master in Management degree and the Rennes SB Master of Science degree in their chosen speciality.


Like IMT Atlantique, Rennes School of Business is ranked among the Top 10 in France.

"In many respects, we are in sync: with respect to the openness to the world that we wish to offer our students, our strategic orientations and our desire to develop the attractiveness of our Rennes campuses. It is this strongly shared vision of these opportunities and our desire to go further together that allows us to offer a dual degree to our students," underlines Anne Beauval, Vice-president of IMT Atlantique

"Our first exchanges were established during a trip to India, as we share this international dimension at the heart of what we do. This alliance has enabled us to establish a strong link between our research activities in supply chain management, the environment and AI," adds Thomas Froehlicher, president of Rennes School of Business.

Published on 17.11.2021

by Pierre-Hervé VAILLANT