International Partnerships

Our international academic partnerships strengthen research and teaching quality and provide a framework of excellence for both incoming and outgoing mobility for researchers and PhD students.

IMT Atlantique is positioned in the European research area with its international academic partners and companies, notably through project coordination. IMT Atlantique also works with the CNRS and the Franco-German Academy on international cooperation to structure long-standing research and teaching collaborations with its national and international partners.

A significant number of cooperation agreements with international universities have been signed for research and teaching as well as the creation of international research consortia.

Our mobility and cotutelle partners

Carte des partenaires de mobilité et cotutelle
Carte de la recherche mobilités et cotutelle
Amérique du Nord
Amérique du Sud

Incoming mobility/research momentum

Hosting international scientists - Visiting professors

IMT Atlantique invites, hosts and prepares visits for doctoral students or teacher-researchers from overseas institutions. These trips for research projects within our departments, for a period of between 10 days and 1 year, can grant the status of associate researcher on consideration of the researcher's scientific file. This can be renewed for a period of 6 months to 3 years.


Support for scientific teams in conducting research projects

EuropeTo encourage its laboratories and researchers to participate  in the construction of the European Research Area, IMT Atlantique's Research and Innovation Department supports research teams in setting up, negotiating, managing and administrating European projects.

It should be noted that in the European and global space of higher education and research establishments, the International Relations and Academic Partnerships Department supports projects led by teacher-researchers in connection with the ERAMUS+ program with the school's international academic partners.

Projects with international academic partners

International cooperation structures

International Academic Chairs