Cesar Vargas

Cesar Vargas
Post-doc in 4G and 5G mobile communications
Research Engineer

"Today, I feel that I contribute to the new technological advances, which motivates me to continue investigating"

My name is Cesar Vargas and I’m original from Peru. I have always been passionate about information and communications technologies, that is why I studied telecommunications engineering at the National University of Engineering (UNI) in Peru. Before coming to France I worked in the Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications, where I participated in one of the most important projects in the telecommunications area. I liked that job; nevertheless, staying in my country would have meant seeing how new technologies advanced in the world without being part of these advances. For this reason, I decided to do a master's degree in Telecommunication Systems Engineering at Telecom Bretagne now known as IMT Atlantique. I chose this telecom school for its international reputation and because the program offered was appropriate to deepen my knowledge in telecommunications, computer science, and networks.

Studying on Brest campus was a great experience. Since the beginning of the program, the administrative staff were very committed to helping us and guiding us to achieve an easy adaptation. The campus in Brest is beautiful and it is located a few meters from the sea. The multicultural environment allowed me to meet a lot of people from different countries. I think that the highlight of the program was the balance between academia and industry. High-quality teaching was provided by excellent professors, many of whom are highly regarded researchers. On the other hand, the program allowed me to be in contact with the industry thanks to the projects developed and a 6-month internship. I did my internship at Bcom research institute. During this internship, I got research skills and it was during this period that my interest in research and innovation awakened.

To develop my skills in research, I decided to do a PhD at Orange, which is the leading mobile telecommunications operator in France and a very important player in research in telecommunications areas in Europe. During my doctoral research, I addressed two major topics: the Internet of Things (IoT) and the 5G networks. Finally, after three very enriching years in my professional life, I received my PhD degree in June 2020.

A few months ago I went back to the IMT Atlantique, but this time as a research engineer. I’m doing a Post-doc in 4G and 5G mobile communications. I feel that I have fulfilled one of my goals that I set for myself when I left my country. Today, I feel that I contribute to the new technological advances, which motivates me to continue investigating.

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