IMT Atlantique signs a partnership with Framatome

On 24th November 2022, IMT Atlantique and Framatome signed a three-year partnership agreement on the Paimboeuf industrial site.

Framatome, which has been an international leader in nuclear energy for more than 60 years, wishes to develop training in the professions involved at each stage of the energy production process on all types of reactors. IMT Atlantique is also committed to responding to the also aims to respond to the national and international challenges of energy sovereignty.

IMT Atlantique signs a partnership with Framatome
Véronique Stephan, President of Development and Corporate Relations at IMT Atlantique,
Elisabeth Terrail, SVP of Framatome Human Resources and
Céline Morel, President of the Fondation Mines-Télécom

Pooling resources to meet future challenges

This partnership will thus help to strengthen the whole spectrum of relations between the school and the industrial company: site visits, student projects, internships, graduate recruitments, networks of brilliant ambassadors, etc. On the research side, relations between Framatome and IMT Atlantique go back several years to the development of the energy mix and associated control studies.

This partnership is a sponsorship agreement under the aegis of the Fondation Mines-Télécom. Framatome joins the Foundation's patrons as a "Targeted Actions" partner supporting the "Campus Partnership" programme, which aims to support the school's development by offering information, guidance and support to IMT Atlantique students.

An attractive nuclear industry

In order to meet the major societal challenges of combating climate change and ensuring energy sovereignty, both parties are committed to making the nuclear sector attractive to future engineers, sharing their expertise and promoting the development of skills.

More than 60 students this year have chosen the nuclear sector, which is the third most promising industrial sector in France, with forecasts for the recruitment of 4,000 engineers per year.
Over the last three years at IMT Atlantique (source: CGE 1st job survey), despite the health crisis, 13 graduates have been recruited and an average of 5 interns have been taken on per year at Framatome.

Published on 24.11.2022

by Pierre-Hervé VAILLANT

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