QS World University Rankings recognizes IMT Atlantique as one of the top 450 technology universities in the world

IMT Atlantique has been named one of the top 450 technology universities in the world for the first time by the QS World University Rankings, due in part to its brand reputation with employers. This year, the School is making progress in particular in Physical science (451-500), Computer science (251-300) and Engineering Electrical Elec (301-350).

Ranking QS 2020

"The collaborations that IMT Atlantique has developed with the best scientific countries in the world (United States, Great Britain, Germany, China, Japan) are an indicator of the excellence of the research carried out at the school. The strengthening of our positioning as a research university of excellence is also reflected in the recognition of IMT Atlantique in the international rankings by disciplinary field, "says Paul Friedel, Director of IMT Atlantique. Dr. Friedel is delighted to see the school "enter the Engineering & Technology category (rank 401-450) for the first time. Engineering & Technology is one of the five fields* in which the best universities in the world are ranked by the QS ranking, one of the three most reputable rankings, along with the Times Higher Education and Shanghai rankings".

Attractiveness for research and international mobility

In today's increasingly competitive international environment, these rankings, based on research publications, reputation surveys and institutional results, help IMT Atlantique to recruit top doctoral students. As indicators of excellence and reputation,  they also promote the School's international influence and help identify suitable partners who also aim for excellence, such as the Institutes of Technology (IIT) and Institutes of Science (IISc) in India and the Universities of Technology (TU) in Germany.

Highly regarded by international students, rankings play an important role in the attractiveness of a school to an ever-growing internationally mobile population. In India, the QS is very often consulted, while in China, the Shanghai ranking, which is the oldest of the university rankings, was created to help the large numbers of Chinese students studying abroad over the last twenty years to choose their destination. In both cases, the positioning of IMT Atlantique on the international rankings greatly favours the presentation of the School at recruitment fairs and with partner universities. "Countries in Latin America (Mexico, Colombia) and French-speaking Africa are often satisfied with national rankings, where IMT Atlantique appears among the top 10 engineering schools. However, the strong emergence of a population of internationally mobile students in English-speaking Africa will recognize IMT Atlantique all the more easily, thanks to this combination of the attractiveness of French higher education and the School's international rankings" explains Stéphane Roy, Director of International Relations and Academic Partnerships at IMT Atlantique.

* The other four fields are as follows: Arts & Humanities, Life Science & Medicine, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences.

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Published on 04.03.2020

by Pierre-Hervé VAILLANT

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